One lucky winner grabs big payout on Slots of Fortune


Not sure if you guys have ever heard of spin and win but they posted some interesting news today.

Apparently, one lucky player from Chesterfield manager to win a massive £1,200 on their ‘Slots of Fortune’ game last month. What makes me so excited about this news is that the player managed to win this prize by playing with just £3 to start with. While playing in classic mode, they managed to trigger the bonus wheel of fortune which in turn allowed them to play a bonus game that awarded them with this jackpot. I say WTG to who ever they are!

If you’re not familiar with spin and win it’s a online slots site run by the same guys behind some of my favourite bingo sites including, kitty bingo and lucky pants bingo. I like to play it every now and then when I get fed up with playing the usual bingo games. I’d say it’s worth checking out if you’ve not already. They have a decent selection of games and by the sounds of the story above, provide some pretty neat payouts every now and then!

If you are thinking about signing up and having a go, I notice they have a pretty good promotion on at the moment. They are giving away a 100% first deposit bonus and 10 free spins. Surely worth a spin!