Playing Online Bingo – My How-to guide

Attention, bingo fans! Bingo is everywhere these days, especially now that the game of bingo has been brought to the internet screens of millions of bingo fans! You don’t need much to ensure that you can play bingo from the comfort of your own home, just an internet connection, and a computer that can display the internet. In this article, we’ll give you the lowdown on how to play bingo and we will include a few tips on how to play too!

Online Bingo versus traditional ‘Bingo-Hall Bingo’

Online bingo games are a lot like games at real bingo halls, but there is some variation in online bingo games, which are aimed at making the games easier to play and more interesting and exciting for the player.

How to Play Bingo Online

How to play bingo onlineTo become an online bingo supremo, the first thing you need to do is register online. You will get to choose a username and password which you should keep safe as you will need them to log in and out of your own personalised bingo account which you get when your registration is completed. On the main landing page of the bingo site of your choice, you will see a “log-in” window, and that is where you go to get logged in and start playing.

Bingo costs

While many online bingo games are free, some games cost you money which you can deposit securely through your log-in window. The beauty of online bingo is that you choose your level of commitment. You can spend a little or a lot, and with all the great free games for newbies, you will be able to try your hand at bingo without losing any money.


Prizes in online bingo games typically range from smaller cash amounts to larger cash amounts, depending on your choice of game. Lots of sites have penny games, where you can play for a penny, in addition to having prizes worth thousands of pounds in multiplier games, where the prize fund is multiplied if you achieve certain targets. The winnings for progressive jackpots, or multiplier prizes are a lot higher, and can reach up to a million pounds and sometimes even more. It is just like playing bingo in a real bingo hall, you can be lucky or you might not be, that is all part of the fun of playing bingo.


There is a community aspect to playing bingo online, although you don’t have to interact with other players in order to play. Entering chatrooms to play games, you may get to know some users and you can sometimes even interact and chat within the group.

Some Pitfalls with Online Bingo

The biggest issue with online bingo playing tends to be the connection speed, and the quality of the internet connection you are using. A slow connection, or a connection that gets interrupted, slows down your online bingo playing. You may have to log in again, or switch your computer on and off to reactivate the game.

As with any online game, be sure to use the best online bingo sites. A reputable site will always let you pay securely using a secure payment method like Paypal or Visa.


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Wink BingoIf you’re already a wink bingo player then you will know that it really is one of the best bingo sites available on the internet! They offer a large variety of bingo games and also different games such as instant win scratch cards etc.

If you’re not yet a player then why not take advantage of this offer right away! When signing up you are greeted with a 200% cash match bonus on your first deposit of between £5-£100. On top of that you get a whopping 50% bonus. Although you have to deposit £10 or more. Wink Bingo has now also added a newcomers room. This allows new players to have 7 days to get used to the bingo games available on wink bingo. There are also assitants in the free bingo game rooms to answer any questions you might have about the site. They can even offer some excellent tips of where to get started once you do decide to deposit some real cash.

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